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Prostate cancer seriously affects the health and life safety of men. PSA is currently recognized as a biomarker for the diagnosis of prostate cancer, which promotes the early diagnosis of prostate cancer. But still need to study other biomarkers to find more effective biomarkers. As an expert in the field of biomarkers, Creative BioMart Biomarker has rich experience in detecting various tumor-related biomarkers, and can provide customers with fast and accurate test results.

Prostate Cancer and Biomarker

Prostate cancer is a common male tumor in the world, which brings huge hidden danger to men’s health. Prostate cancer has a high incidence and it has the possibility of metastasis. Prostate cancer patients have a high five-year survival rate, but when the tumor metastasizes, their five-year survival rate decreases significantly. Prostate cancer also has disease heterogeneity, treatment diversity and disease behavior variability, so for the treatment of prostate cancer, attention should also be paid to personalized medical research. And biomarkers have a special status and development prospects in personalized medicine, which is a research hotspot in personalized medicine. Biomarkers have already had a great impact on the diagnosis of prostate cancer. PSA is a recognized biomarker for prostate cancer and is widely used for the early detection of prostate cancer. Since the use of PSA in the diagnosis of prostate cancer, the incidence of prostate cancer has increased, but the mortality rate has decreased. This can be attributed to the application of biomarkers has improved the diagnosis and screening methods of tumors, which is conducive to early diagnosis of the disease. Therefore, although the incidence of prostate cancer is high, about 80% of patients are diagnosed with localized diseases. PSA not only promotes the early diagnosis of prostate cancer, but also can be used as a prognostic indicator of prostate cancer. At present, 50%-60% of newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients progress slowly. Disease monitoring is particularly important for these patients. For the realization of personalized medical treatment of prostate cancer, the biomarker PSA alone is not enough, and some other biomarkers need to be studied at the same time.

Advances in prostate cancer biomarker useFigure 1. Advances in prostate cancer biomarker use (Prensner, et al. 2012)

Our Advantages

  • Guarantee high accuracy and sensitivity for single biomarker detection
  • Ensure high repeatability of single biomarker detection
  • Short turn-around time of detection service
  • Competitive price in the market of detection services
  • Provide multiple detection methods
  • Accept a wide range of sample types

Our Single Biomarker Detection Services Related to Prostate Cancer (including but not limited to the following):

Workflow of Single Biomarker Detection at Creative BioMart Biomarker


Creative BioMart Biomarker provides high-quality detection services for prostate cancer biomarkers that are applicable to a variety of biomarkers. If you do not find detection services for your research object on this webpage, you can find more biomarkers in biomarker menu or contact us to get more help. We have a technical team with rich experience in tumor biomarker detection, as well as multiple technical platforms suitable for biomarker detection, capable of accurate, specific and sensitive detection for various types of samples. If you are seeking prostate cancer biomarker detection services, please feel free to contact us, we look forward to being your trusted partner.


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