Drug Development Service

Biomarkers are increasingly used in the process of drug development, and they play an important role in monitoring drug activity and therapeutic response. Creative BioMart Biomarker provides customers with biomarker related drug development services. We have rich experience and advanced technology platforms in the field of biomarkers. At the same time, we also have a team of experts with drug development experience, which makes us capable of providing customers with drug development services.

Molecular medicine is a new field in medicine that is different from traditional medicine. It develops new diagnostic methods and treatment methods through the function of genes, proteins and other biological molecules in the pathophysiological environment. The development of molecular medicine has promoted the application of biomarkers in drug development, patient phenotyping and treatment monitoring. In drug development, biomarkers are often used as a tool to help promote the availability of new therapies, making them safer and more effective than existing therapies. And because the research directions of new drugs for some diseases are mostly focused on molecular targeted drugs, biomarkers have become a key element in the research and development of new drugs for some diseases. Biomarkers are features that can be objectively measured and evaluated, and are often used as indicators of pathological processes, therapeutic responses, and biological processes. The clinical application of biomarkers is mainly in disease diagnosis, disease staging, treatment options, prognosis analysis and disease monitoring. In addition, biomarkers can be used to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of new drugs in the target population, and are now an important part of the drug development process. By detecting relevant biomarkers, researchers can optimize the design of clinical trials for diseases and effectively increase the probability of successful drug development. Some biomarkers can be used as alternative end points, based on which the efficacy of the drug can be demonstrated. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) accepted 12 biomarkers as the outcome indicators in clinical trials between October 2007 and December 2015, and used them as the basis for drug and biological agent approval. At the same time, the role of biomarkers in drug development decisions and regulatory evaluation of new drugs has also received increasing attention. For example, in the 21st Century Cures Act, the use of biomarkers in drug development is encouraged. Therefore, biomarkers have a crucial position in the process of drug development, which is of great significance for improving the success rate of drug development.

Drug Development Service

Our Advantages

  • Experienced team of experts with multi-disease drug development research experience
  • Multiple mature technology platforms available for drug development
  • Provide customized solutions according to customer requirements
  • Efficient service, quickly develop development plans and complete test projects
  • Competitive prices help customers reduce research costs

Workflow of Drug Development Service at Creative BioMart Biomarker

Drug Development Service

At Creative BioMart Biomarker, we provide clients with superior biomarker related drug development services. Creative BioMart Biomarker has an expert team with strong scientific research capabilities and an advanced technology platform. we can quickly design drug development schemes according to the specific requirements of customers to help customers advance the development of new drugs. If you are seeking biomarker related drug development services, Creative BioMart Biomarker may be your ideal choice, please feel free to contact us for more information.


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