Immunohistochemistry is also known as immunocytochemistry. It is a branch of histochemistry, it is the use of labeled specific antibodies (or antigens) to the distribution of antigens (or antibodies) in tissues and cells to carry out localization, qualitative and relative quantitative research technology.

Immunohistochemical staining methods:

  1. The dyeing steps, it can be divided into direct method and indirect method (with high sensitivity).
  2. According to the types of labeling substances, such as fluorescent dyes, radioisotopes, horseradish peroxidase or alkaline phosphatase, ferritin, colloidal gold, etc., they can be divided into immunofluorescence method, radioimmunoassay, enzyme label method and immunogold and silver method.
  3. Principles of several commonly used immunohistochemical methods:

    Method Feature Advantage
    Immunofluorescence method
    • The earliest established immunohistochemical technique.
    • Fluorescence probe labeled antibody binds to antigen-fluorescence microscopy
    Strong specificity, high sensitivity, rapid and simple, and has been widely used in clinicopathological diagnosis and examination.
    Immune enzyme label method
    • Enzyme-labeled antibody is combined with antigen, and the substrate of enzyme is added to form colored insoluble products
    • Observation by electron microscope or light microscope
    Accurate positioning, good contrast, staining specimens can be long – term preservation
    Immune colloidal gold technology Qualitative, localized or quantitative study of antigens in tissues or cells using colloidal gold labeled primary and secondary antibodies Suitable for single or multiple marker localization study and light microscope observation in immunoelectron microscopy
  4. According to the binding methods, it can be divided into antigen-antibody binding method and affinity binding method, among which streptomyces antibiotin protein-peroxidase binding method is the most commonly used method.

Workflow of Immunohistochemistry Service in Creative Biomart:


Immunohistochemical features provided by Creative Biomart:

  • Professional staff and scientific team: Immunohistochemical technical experts with many years of experience can design and guide experiments and analyze experimental results for you in depth, so as to improve the reliability of experimental data.
  • Independently-developed primary antibodies: antibodies developed by our experienced antibody researchers are available for customers to choose, including all kinds of labeled antibodies, to provide guarantee for the key links of your experiment.
  • Advanced experimental equipment: our immunohistochemistry laboratory is equipped with advanced tissue dewatering and embedding machine, slicing machine, microscopic photography analysis system, etc., to provide you with more accurate experimental results.

If you have relevant immunohistochemical needs, please call us in advance to discuss the specific experimental study and experimental tissue information (such as tissue source, tissue type, specimen number, antibody source, pre-expression location, etc.).

According to the experimental workload and specific experimental invitation, both parties agree on the experimental period. Our company guarantees to complete the commissioned experiment on time with both quality and quantity, and will deliver the remaining materials, electronic immunohistochemical pictures, analysis results and complete experimental report to you in a convenient and quick manner according to the requirements.


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