Immunofluorescence technology, also known as fluorescent antibody technology, is the earliest development of labeled immune technology. It is a detection technology based on the specific combination of antigen and antibody, combined with fluorescence microscopy technology. It is a technology established on the basis of immunology, biochemistry and microscopy technology. Fluorescein labeled antibodies or antigens are specifically bound to the antigens (target proteins) or antibodies in the samples, and fluorescein emits emission light of different colors under the excitation of the light of special wavebands. The emission light information is collected to analyze the location, quantity and properties of the antigens (target proteins) or antibodies.

After long-term experience accumulation, we have a complete set of standardized experimental process. Creative Biomart provides a one-stop shop for immunofluorescence experiments, in part or in whole, from antigen and antibody preparation, luciferin labeling, tissue and cell line processing and preparation, fluorescence microscope observation and photography. At the same time according to the actual requirements of customers can provide a variety of luciferin and a variety of experimental programs for choice.

Our services include the following:


Immunofluorescence Workflow


At the end of the experiment, we will feedback the results to the customer:

  1. Complete experimental scheme, experimental results and pictures;
  2. Customize or purchase the remaining reagents and samples of the company’s related products and services during the experiment.

The sample requirements for our IF service are as follows:

  • For fresh tissue samples, our company can provide embedding and secting services. The tissue or surgical excised specimens used for embedding should be collected and fixed within a short time to avoid tissue autolysis and antigen denaturation affecting the experimental results.
  • Frozen slices and paraffin slices, as well as cells cultured on 6-well plates or petri dishes (detailed technical solutions should be provided for special sample preparation, and special labels should be provided for infectious samples);
  • We can entrust our company with customized sample services according to experimental requirements (including cell culture, cell stimulation, animal model/tissue acquisition, etc.).


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