Potential Biomarker Verification Service

The screened potential biomarkers need to be verified to confirm that they are indeed specific for a specific disease or disease state and have the potential for clinical application. As an expert in the field of biomarker services, Creative BioMart Biomarker has the ability to provide customers with custom biomarker services. We provide customers with high-quality potential biomarker verification service, as well as differential screening services, candidate biomarker optimization services, prognosis analysis service and pharmacodynamic biomarker assays service. Creative BioMart Biomarker has an experienced expert team and technical teams, as well as a variety of advanced technology platforms that can be used for the verification of potential biomarkers, which can help customers customize verification schemes according to their research needs.

The development of biomarkers is a continuous process. From the discovery of biomarkers to its application in clinical environment, it needs to go through the process of differential screening, optimization of candidate biomarkers, verification of potential biomarkers and validation of biomarkers. Among them, the validation of biomarkers needs to be performed in an expanded sample set or a larger patient group to confirm the universality of biomarkers. In order to avoid too many candidate biomarkers entering the validation process, which may lead to bottlenecks in the development of biomarkers, it is necessary to implement the verification step of potential biomarkers before the validation process. The verification process can screen these biomarkers, and the screened potential biomarkers often represent their potential to enter the clinical application stage. With the development of proteome, genomics and metabolomics, potential biomarkers entering the verification stage often have the characteristics of large sample size, so it is more appropriate to choose high-throughput analysis techniques. At the same time, in order to screen out biomarkers with more research significance, biomarkers need to be detected specifically and sensitively in the verification process of potential biomarkers. The selection of technical methods in the verification process of potential biomarkers is of great significance. Appropriate analytical technical requirements can meet both high-throughput analysis and short sample preparation time. At the same time, this analytical technique is best used in the biomarker confirmation stage. At the same time, it is better if this analysis technique can be used in the biomarker validation process. For example, LC / MS is an analysis tool commonly used for protein biomarker verification, which can simultaneously perform sensitive analysis of large-scale protein biomarkers. For different research projects, it is often necessary to personalize the verification process of potential biomarkers, which plays a good role in promoting the subsequent validation process.

Workflow of LC-MS-based proteomics for cancer biomarker quantificationFigure 1. Workflow of LC-MS-based proteomics for cancer biomarker quantification (Wang, et al. 2015)

Our Services for Potential Biomarker Verification (including but not limited to the following):

  • Sensitivity Detection Service
  • Specificity Detection Service
  • Accuracy Detection Service
  • Large Sample Size Verification Service

Our Advantages

  • Advanced high-throughput technology platform
  • Provide specific and sensitive biomarker verification services
  • Experienced technical team
  • Strict and standard experimental operation
  • Provide complete experimental data and detailed professional analysis reports
  • High quality and more efficient custom services
  • Short service cycle and more competitive prices

Workflow of Custom Biomarker Service at Creative BioMart Biomarker

Potential Biomarker Verification Service

At Creative BioMart Biomarker, we provide customers with high-quality custom biomarker service related to potential biomarker verification, and our expert team can customize scientific and rigorous experimental programs as soon as possible according to customer research needs and sample types. Our technical team has rich experience in biomarker analysis and has been strictly controlling each process in the verification program to ensure that customers are provided with accurate, precise, and repeatable results. If you are seeking related services, Creative BioMart Biomarker may be your ideal choice, please feel free to contact us for more information.


  1. Wang, H.; et al. The clinical impact of recent advances in LC–MS for cancer biomarker discovery and verification. Expert Review of Proteomics. 2015, 13(1): 99-114.


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