Metabolism and Diseases Biomarker Detection Service

Metabolism refers to a group of biochemical reactions that has an important status in living organisms and is closely related to various diseases. At present, metabolic pathways are hot areas in basic research and medical research related to multiple diseases, such as diabetes mellitus. There are a variety of metabolic biomarkers, which are helpful in early diagnosis and treatment research of such diseases. Creative BioMart Biomarker provides testing services for these biomarkers to ensure high detection efficiency and accuracy for test results.


Metabolism is an important type of physiological activity that exists in the human body. Broadly, metabolism refers to the sum of biochemical processes that produce or consume energy in a living organism. Metabolism involves thousands of reactions and more than ten thousand of metabolites in the body, forming a complex metabolic network. Typical metabolic reactions in the human body include glycolysis, the tricarboxylic acid cycle, respiration, glycogen catabolism, and oxidative phosphorylation. Core metabolism is related to major nutrients such as glucose, amino acids, and fatty acids. Core metabolism can be divided into anabolism, catabolism and waste disposal. Among them, anabolism refers to the pathways that synthesize simple molecules or polymerize to generate complex macromolecules, catabolism refers to the pathways that generate energy by degrading molecules, and waste disposal refers to the pathways that help to eliminate toxic waste generated in anabolic and catabolic pathways. The metabolic network in the human body is responsible for using the intake of nutrients and generating the energy required for various physiological activities in tissues and organs. Metabolism is in a relatively balanced state in healthy people. When metabolic pathways are disturbed, it will affect the normal function of organs or tissues in the body, and eventually lead to the occurrence of diseases. For instance, diabetes mellitus and obesity both are diseases related to metabolic disorders and with a high incidence. Therefore, in recent years, many researchers have devoted themselves to conduct basic research and medical research related to metabolic pathways. A variety of related molecules in the metabolic pathway can be used as biomarkers for disease research, which is helpful for the early diagnosis of disease and the management and optimization of therapeutic measures. Creative BioMart Biomarker offers high-quality detection services for these biomarkers, such as albumin, 7-ketocholesterol and bile acid.

Metabolism and Diseases Biomarker Detection ServiceFigure 1. An overview of intermediary metabolism (Deberardinis, et al. 2012)

Our Advantages

  • Guarantee high accuracy and sensitivity for single biomarker detection
  • Ensure high repeatability of single biomarker detection
  • Short turn-around time of detection service
  • Competitive price in the market of detection services
  • Provide multiple detection methods
  • Accept a wide range of sample types

Our Single Biomarker Detection Services Related to Metabolism and Diseases:

Workflow of Single Biomarker Detection at Creative BioMart Biomarker

Creative BioMart Biomarker strictly controls each specific experimental step in the single biomarker detection procedure to ensure accurately quantify the level of each biomarker.

Metabolism and Diseases Biomarker Detection Service

At Creative BioMart Biomarker, we offer metabolism and diseases biomarkers detection services which include several technical platforms, you can communicate with our experts according to your research needs, and we will determine the final detection technological scheme based on the communication results. Please feel free to contact us, Creative BioMart Biomarker is here to offer you professional and thoughtful service.


  1. Deberardinis, R.J. Thompson, C.B. Cellular metabolism and disease: what do metabolic outliers teach us? Cell. 2012, 148(6): 1132-1144.


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