Biomarker Test for Breast Cancer

Lung, breast, bowel and prostate cancers account for almost half of all cancers worldwide. Rapid diagnosis of cancer and accurate prediction of cancer progression are of great importance to patients. The detection of breast cancer-specific markers, which can be receptor proteins (such as LPD), enzymes, transcription factors, or mRNAs, is crucial for cancer diagnosis and pathological research. Breast specific markers can be used to detect different types of breast cancer (such as in situ or invasive carcinoma), differentiate breast cell types (such as luminal, basal, and myoepithelial cells), and study proliferation and disease progression.

Biomarkers play an important role in cancer research. Whether identifying new markers for improved diagnosis and drug discovery, validating existing markers in different types and stages of breast cancer, or selecting the best targets for transfer to preclinical research, cancer markers have a significant impact on the progress and implementation of breast cancer research. Creative Biomart can detect previously potential emerging biomarkers according to IHC, the gold standard for cancer diagnosis, providing an effective way for rapid clinical diagnosis.

Common biomarkers for breast cancer:

Marker Type IHC staining for localization
Estrogen receptor alpha, ER-a luminal A& luminal B  

Biomarker Test for Breast CancerThe nucleus

Progesterone receptor, PR luminal A

Biomarker Test for Breast Cancer2The nucleus

Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2, HER2 More aggressive breast cancer

Biomarker Test for Breast Cancer3Cytoplasm, nucleus, and strongly stained membrane

Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor, FGFR Responsible for cell proliferation and tyrosine kinase signaling pathways

Biomarker Test for Breast Cancer4

Cytokeratin 7, CK7 Cytokeratin expressed by mammary epithelial cells

Biomarker Test for Breast Cancer5The cytoplasm

Cyclin D1 Cell cycle regulatory proteins

Biomarker Test for Breast Cancer6The nucleus

We offer a highly validated biometric test kit for biomarker detection in the breast cancer treatment pathway. Compared with other biomarker detection methods, these tests are fast, easy to operate and low cost. IHC is stable and reliable, with corresponding biomarkers, and is an ideal method for rapid clinical diagnosis.

Workflow of Biomarker Test for Breast Cancer in Creative Biomart:



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