Nutrition Biomarker Detection Service

Creative BioMart Biomarker is one of the experts who are professional in biomarker detection. We have years of biomarker detection experience and advanced detection methods and detection instruments to provide fast, sensitive and repeatable nutrition biomarker detection services according to customer needs. Our services also include lipid metabolism biomarker detection services and metabolic disease biomarker detection services.


There is a close relationship between nutrient intake and various physiological metabolism of the body, which affects the growth and development process in the body, as well as the healthy state. Nutrients refer to a group of chemicals contained in food that plays a role in the growth and development process, function maintenance and energy supply. Nutrients can be divided into essential nutrients and non-essential nutrients according to whether they can be synthesized by the human body. The essential nutrients include vitamins, minerals, and certain amino acids and fatty acids. Both inadequate and excessive nutrient intake are belonging to the nutritional imbalance that may lead to nutritional diseases. Nutritional disease refers to any nutrition-related disease, including obesity, malnutrition, and chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus and hypertension. Long-term deficiency of nutrients such as protein, essential fatty acids and vitamins may lead to impaired body function and cause malnutrition. Malnutrition can be caused not only by insufficient nutrient intake and malabsorption, but also by metabolic disorders, for example, diabetes mellitus may affect the absorption of vitamins in body and cause malnutrition. Excessive nutrient intake can lead to obesity and other related diseases. Malnutrition sometimes requires laboratory tests to assist in diagnosing, including the detection of albumin and folate. There is a close relationship between nutrients with Metabolism and metabolic diseases, the detection of some nutrition-related biomarkers has important significance and development potential in the study of Metabolism and metabolic diseases.

Nutrition Biomarker Detection Service

Creative BioMart Biomarker offers a wide range of nutrition related biomarker detection based on customer needs. Through advanced instruments, we accept different samples of different concentrations and ensure a wide kinetic range to detect samples of different concentrations. In addition, different biomarkers have different detection effects in different samples, we can customize the detection plan according to customer needs, and obtain the ideal test results with appropriate samples and advanced detection methods.

Our Advantages

  • Guarantee high accuracy and sensitivity for single biomarker detection
  • Ensure high repeatability of single biomarker detection
  • Short turn-around time of detection service
  • Competitive price in the market of detection services
  • Provide multiple detection methods
  • Accept a wide range of sample types

Our Single Biomarker Detection Services Related to Nutrition:

Workflow of Biomarker Detection at Creative BioMart Biomarker

Creative BioMart Biomarker strictly controls each specific experimental step in the detection procedure to ensure accurately quantify the level of biomarkers related to nutrition in each sample.

Nutrition Biomarker Detection Service

At Creative BioMart Biomarker, we not only provide high-quality nutrition biomarker detection service, but also provide detection services for other biomarkers. Additionally, our experts can also provide and help design a proper technological scheme according to your specific requirements. Please feel free to contact us, Creative BioMart Biomarker is here to offer you professional and thoughtful service.


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