Application and Transformation Service

The research of biomarkers is generally devoted to promoting the early diagnosis of diseases in the clinic, the monitoring of disease treatment effects, the analysis of drug response and the evaluation of disease prognosis. The purpose of basic research is to transform the findings into applicable technologies or products. Creative BioMart Biomarker can not only provide scientific researchers with technical services for basic research of biomarkers, but also have the ability to provide biomarker-related application and transformation services to help customers transform basic research results into products or technologies that can be used clinically or commercially.

Application and Transformation of Biomarkers

Transforming basic research results into useful commercial products is a long and complicated process that is extremely challenging. Biomarkers go through multiple stages from discovery to clinical diagnosis and application, including biomedical research, verification and analytical method development, validation and diagnostic test method development, clinical validation, regulatory certification and clinical application. Only after the above long process can the basic research results of biomarkers be transformed into diagnostic technologies that serve human health. The research results of biomarkers can be converted into products, such as in vitro diagnostic kits and biomarkers ELISA detection kits, or they can be used as a tool in the process of drug development. When transforming biomarker research results, attention should be paid to the validity of biomarkers and the practicality of the detection technology. At the same time, attention should be paid to improving the sensitivity and specificity of the detection, and improving the repeatability of the detection results. At present, more and more imaging biomarkers and pharmacodynamic biomarkers are used as important tools in the early stages of drug development. Their application can optimize the design of clinical trial programs and effectively increase the probability of successful drug development. At the same time, biomarkers have also been accepted as an indicator and tool in drug regulatory evaluation.

Application and Transformation Service

Biomarkers are indicators that are of great significance for healthcare and medical product development, the application and transformation of its related basic research results can significantly promote the development of the healthcare field. Creative BioMart Biomarker has provided customers with professional and high-quality application and transformation services for many years, helping customers convert basic research results into commercial products, or use biomarkers as a tool to improve the success rate of new drug development.

Why choose us for the application and transformation of biomarkers?

As a leader in the field of biomarkers, Creative BioMart Biomarker not only has rich experience in the basic research of biomarkers, but also has many experts with application and transformation experience. In addition, we also have a variety of advanced technology platforms and several professional technical teams, which can provide strong technical support for our application and transformation services. We provide 24/7 services and strive to provide customers with efficient and timely services to help customers shorten the transformation time.

Application and Transformation Service

Our Application and Conversion Services Can Provide You with Solutions to The Following Problems (including but not limited to):

If you are engaged in basic research on biomarkers and are worried about the application and transformation of research results, Creative BioMart Biomarker may be your ideal choice, please feel free to contact us for more information. Creative BioMart Biomarker can provide you with satisfactory service and become your trusted long-term partner.


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