PCA3 Detection Service

Prostate cancer antigen 3 (PCA3) is a biomarker commonly used in prostate cancer research. Creative BioMart Biomarker provides customers with quantitative RT-PCR testing services to help customers study PCA3 mRNA levels. This test is only suitable for research use, not for personal medical and diagnostic use.

HE4 Testing
Analyte: PCA3
Synonyms: prostate cancer antigen 3, differential display clone 3, DD3
Sample Type: Urine
Assay Platform: quantitative RT-PCR
Biomarker Application Area: prostate cancer
* Perform three replicate tests on each sample, and include appropriate controls in each assay.

Assay Background

PCA3 is a gene expressed only in prostate tissue, also known as differential display clone 3 (DD3), which is highly overexpressed in prostate cancer. Because prostate-specific antigen (PSA) not only has elevated serum expression levels in prostate cancer, it also has abnormal expression in non-cancerous pathological conditions such as prostate inflammation and benign prostatic hyperplasia. Therefore, the specificity for prostate cancer is poor, and some other more specific and sensitive biomarkers need to be selected in combination with it. Compared with PSA, PCA3 has higher specificity and is a potential biomarker for the diagnosis of prostate cancer. The PCA3 test has been approved by the FDA to assess the risk of prostate cancer before prostate biopsy. PCA3 is expressed as a long non-coding RNA, which is overexpressed in urine after DRE (digital rectal examination). Therefore, PCA3 mRNA levels in urine samples are generally analyzed. The analysis of PCA3 can help predict the results of prostate biopsy, and the combination of PCA3 and PSA can improve the diagnostic sensitivity and specificity of PSA.

Workflow of Biomarker Detection at Creative BioMart Biomarker


Customers provide: samples, reagents/kits (reagents/kits can also be provided or purchased by our company).

We provide: remaining samples and reagents, complete experimental reports (including experimental raw data, experimental procedures, instrument and reagent information, and professional result analysis).

Test cycle: 10 working days or less.

Why Choose Creative BioMart Biomarker for PCA3 Detection Service?

  • Quantitative RT-PCR one-stop test platform
  • We provide customers with PCA3’s quantitative RT-PCR one-stop testing service. Customers only need to directly provide us with urine samples. We provide services from sample processing, RNA extraction, RT-PCR testing to data analysis.

  • Experienced experts team
  • Our experts have extensive experience in biomarker testing, and will perform each test in full accordance with standard experimental operating procedures to ensure that the test results delivered are accurate and repeatable.

  • Fast testing and reasonable price
  • We have been committed to providing customers with efficient services to ensure that the experimental results are delivered within the predetermined time. Our testing services have reasonable and competitive prices in the industry, which can help customers reduce research costs.

If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us, Creative BioMart Biomarker is here to offer you professional and thoughtful service.


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