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OPN has been found to be involved in a number of pathologic and physiological events including bone remodeling, biomineralization, wound healing, apoptosis, and tumor metastasis. The normal expression of OPN is very important to the physiological health of the human body. The level of OPN in different samples may indicate different diseases. Creative BioMart Biomarker is capable to provide our customers with superior OPN detection service, various detection methods ensuring high sensitivity for detecting biomarkers in different samples with different concentrations.


Osteopontin (OPN) is a highly phosphorylated and glycosylated sialoprotein protein that expresses in several cell types, such as osteoblasts, bone cells and odontoblasts. OPN belongs to the non-collagenous proteins family SIBLING (small integrin-binding ligand, N-linked glycoprotein). It is highly concentrated at cement lines where pre-existing and newly formed bone meet and at bone surfaces interfacing with cells called as laminae limitantes. OPN plays an important role in bone formation and bone resorption. It has chemotactic activity on osteoclast precursors. In addition, OPN-dependent intracellular signaling can be seen in the formation of sealing regions for osteoclast resorption. It promotes osteoclastogenesis and osteoclast activity through CD44- and αvβ3-mediated cell signaling, thereby promoting bone remodeling. In addition, it affects bone material properties, loss of OPN results in loss of bone toughness. Since OPN plays an important role in bone remodeling, various research groups have implicated OPN as a biomarker. Plasma, serum and urine levels of OPN can be used as biomarkers to predict different diseases. For example, serum osteopontin levels were significantly higher in patients with advanced stage or grade of myeloma disease.

OPN Detection ServiceFigure 1 The OPN signaling pathway.

Application of OPN

  • Plasma, serum, urine OPN levels as biomarkers to predict different diseases, such as orthodontic tooth movement, myeloma disease, muscle regeneration, nephrolithiasis and so on.

Our Advantages

  • Accept a wide range of sample types (plasma, serum, urine, etc.)
  • Provide multiple OPN detection methods, including ELISA, ECL
  • Ensure high sensitivity for detecting OPN in different samples
  • Ensure high accuracy and repeatable OPN detection
  • Ensure a wide kinetic range to detect samples of different concentrations
  • Short experimental period

Workflow of OPN Detection at Creative BioMart Biomarker

Creative BioMart Biomarker strictly controls each specific experimental step in the OPN detection procedure to ensure high sensitivity, high accuracy and repeatable OPN detection.

OPN Detection Service

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about OPN detection. At Creative BioMart Biomarker, we not only provide high-quality OPN detection service, but also provide detection services for other biomarkers. Additionally, our experts can also provide and help design the best solution according to your specific requirements.


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