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Interleukin (IL) -2 and IL-2 receptor (IL-2R) signaling plays an important role in regulating tolerance and immunity. IL-2R is a trimer receptor that contains three subunits, IL- 2Rα, IL-2Rβ and IL-2γc. Increased plasma sIL-2Rα levels are associated with a variety of diseases, including autoimmune diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, and cardiovascular diseases. Creative BioMartBiomarker is capable to provide our customers with superior IL-2Rα detection service, various detection methods ensuring high sensitivity for detecting biomarkers in different samples with different concentrations.


IL -2 and IL-2R signaling plays an important role in regulating tolerance and immunity. IL-2 is a T cell growth factor that induces antigen-activated T cell proliferation and differentiation, and is particularly important for the development of regulatory T cells in the thymus. IL-2R is a trimer receptor that contains three subunits: IL-2Rα (CD25), IL-2Rβ (CD122), and IL-2γc (CD132). IL-2Rα is specific for IL-2R, while IL-2Rβ and IL-2γc are components shared by other cytokine receptors. Soluble IL-2Rα (sIL-2Rα) is produced by proteolytic cleavage of IL-2Rα on the cell surface caused by membrane metalloproteinases (extracellular domain shedding). Since sIL-2Rα has similar IL-2 binding kinetics to the membrane form, sIL-2Rα can reduce the immune response by binding and isolating IL-2.

The IL-2 receptor.Figure 1. The IL-2 receptor.

Elevated plasma sIL-2Rα levels are associated with autoimmune diseases, including Crohn disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. Higher levels of sIL-2Rα are observed in patients with coronary heart disease. In mouse models, IL-2 increases the number of regulatory T cells in atherosclerotic plaques and reduces the size of these plaques. When IL-2R is blocked in these models, the plaque reduction is negated. Subsequent research found that sIL-2Rα was positively associated with smoking, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, insulin, waist circumference, C-reactive protein, IL-6, fibrinogen, carotid wall thickness, all-cause mortality, CVD mortality and CVD, stroke, and heart failure.

Application of IL-2Rα

Plasma levels of IL-2Rα, can be used as a potential biomarker for cardiovascular disease.

Our Advantages

  • Accept a wide range of sample types
  • Provide multiple detection methods
  • Ensure high sensitivity for detecting IL-2Rα in different samples
  • Ensure high accuracy and repeatable IL-2Rα detection
  • Ensure a wide kinetic range to detect samples of different concentrations
  • Short experimental period

Workflow of IL-2Rα Detection at Creative BioMart Biomarker

Creative BioMart Biomarker strictly controls each specific experimental step in the IL-2Rα detection procedure to ensure high sensitivity, high accuracy and repeatable IL-2Rα detection.


Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about IL-2Rα detection. At Creative BioMart Biomarker, we not only provide high-quality IL-2Rα detection service, but also provide detection services for other biomarkers. Additionally, our experts can also provide and help design the best solution according to your specific requirements.


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